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Swissnatürlich - Natural Baby Bath Set - Baby Oil 180ml + Dreamy Lotion 180ml + Sponge

Swissnatürlich - Natural Baby Bath Set - Baby Oil 180ml + Dreamy Lotion 180ml + Sponge

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•BDIH certified. Only natural, plant-derived or certified organic ingredients.

Baby Bath ~

•Pure Almond Oil and gentle Olive Oil naturally moisturize delicate skin.

•Effective in protecting baby's tender skin.

•Mix a little with the bath water can produce vapors to strengthen baby's breathing system. Regular use can lessen and prevent cold & cough.

•Unique natural formula can help stop itching and prevent dry skin.

•Totally natural ingredients preserve the natural protective mechanisms of sensitive baby skin. Directions: Pour 1/2 cap of the Baby Bath into warm water, gently patting baby's skin after washing the whole body. No need to rinse.

Dreamy Lotion~

•Enriched with Natural Essential oils such as Chamomile, Lavender, Mandarine.

•Purely Sunflower Seed oil and Vitamin E from wheat germs provide mild care to baby’s tender skin.

•Ideal for massaging that works intensively against emotional stress and leads to a natural sleep.

•Strengthens the protective barrier of your baby’s delicate skin.

•Provides a calming effect and suits all skin type.


Directions: Apply on face and body after bath. Good for all season.

Marked with the BDIH Seal, Swissnatürlich restricts the choice of ingredients only to BDIH certified organic and natural plants such as plant oils, fats, waxes, herbal extracts, essential oils and aromatic materials from certified organic or wild harvested plants, with no petrochemicals, preservatives and SLS. Our Green Signature represents what we believe in and cherish. The four-leaf clover symbol signifies the key four values of Swissnatürlich: Faith, Hope, Love and Purity.
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