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SOUL - OPENEAR S-CLIP - Wireless Air Conduction Ear Sound Clips

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SOUL - OPENEAR S-CLIP - Wireless Air Conduction Ear Sound Clips

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All Day Comfort

  • Experience an all-new way to listen with the OPENEAR S-CLIP in style
  • Unique spatial audio allows you hear everything around you while listening to crystal-clear sound delivered by the cutting edge air conduction technology
  • Designed for all ocassions and engineered for all-day wearing, the open-ear design provides an ultra-comfortable listening experience without ear fatigue plus ensures safety by allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your music
  • Clip on and enjoy up to 9 hours per charge with low latency and environmental noise cancellation features with the OPENEAR S-CLIP



  • Sound Clip with air conduction sound
  • All-day wearing comfort
  • Wireless open-ear designed for safety
  • Entertainment Mode: Low Latency (40ms) Environmental noise cancellation
  • Up to 36 hrs total playtime, 9hrs/charge
  • Sweat-resistant IPX6
  • USB-C charging
  • Touch controls
For over 10 years, SOUL has provided the soundtrack to life with its high-quality audio, noise cancelling, and wireless innovations. Designed in harmony with life’s hustle to keep you going, all SOUL products are created with power, clarity and comfort in mind. From commuting to hitting the gym, SOUL vibes with your daily grind by ensuring the right song is always playing in your ears. Using the latest technology, SOUL strives to deliver high-quality, high-functioning innovations for the best value.
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