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RDX - Free Standing Punch Bags (with Mitts Set)

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RDX - Free Standing Punch Bags (with Mitts Set)

  • RDX Free Standing Punch Bags with Mitts Set uses Octa-Truss technology™ with 17 retractable suction cups to increase the contact between the entire punch bag base and the ground by 35%, and the base can be injected with an additional 150kg of sand or 80L of water, greatly improving the overall stability.

  • RDX Free Standing Punch Bags with Mitts Set contains a variety of materials. The inner layer is made of hosiery waste filling and anti-tear nylon liner, the outer layer is covered with multi-layered Maya hide NTearx™ leather. The reinforced dual stitching makes the whole punch bag more solid. The punch bag takes every blow and the ultra-shock-absorbing connectors help to reduce the vibration and noise of punches.

  • Boxing gloves and a protective cover are attached with the punch bag. The material of the protective cover is waterproof and dustproof. It is equipped with a rope buckle to protect the punch bag more effectively.
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