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RASONIC - RCM-F51WB Cordless Electric Spray Mop

RASONIC - RCM-F51WB Cordless Electric Spray Mop

  • Wet and dry dual purpose: mopping head with microfiber pads can deal with tile/ wooden/ marble floor while changing to hoop & loop pad together with disposal pad can fulfill different cleaning needs
  • Tailor-made water bucket can clean microfiber pads easily. Simply steps on the drainage foot pedal to drain sewage can keep your hands clean with no dirt
  • Spray water function, wet the floor assists to clean
  • Operate with infrared button, cordless control, simple to use
  • Powerful rotation motor with approx. 200 revolutions per minute, cleaning floor casually
  • Extra-long operation time, fully charged once can operate approx. 80 mins
  • Mopping head with front LED illumination, easy to clean dark corners with no challenge
  • 180° rotation mopping head, flexible and changeable, easy to clean any corner of the house
  • Upright design, prevents appliance tipping over when idle, and saving storage space
  • Mopping head with built-in water tank, helping to clean floor by adding diluted neutral detergent
  • Accessory: microfiber pad, hoop & loop pad, disposal pad and water bucket
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