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RENPHO - Smart Body Fat Scale - Premium

RENPHO - Smart Body Fat Scale - Premium

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Luxury ITO Electronic Coating
Our Premium Smart Body Fat Scale ITO Coating Technology combines intelligent electrical conduction and optical transparency to ensure both accuracy and aesthetic quality.


Comprehensive Body Data
The scale is precise enough to offer 13 different measurements: Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Ratio, Water Content, Bone Density, Fat-Free Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolic Rate, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, and Metabolic Age. The total measurement accuracy allows you to understand your health indexes and move towards your ideal fitness goal faster.


Accurate Measurements
The responsive sensors and high-sensitivity electrodes provide you with the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA); a hyper-accurate body report.

Smart Connectivity
The Premium Smart Body Fat Scale fully supports all of the most popular Apps, including Samsung Health, Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Health. Easily manage your health indexes via your favorite smart App!

Instant Data Transmission
Connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth and measure any of the 13 body stats with the RENPHO App. Your data will be sent to the App in real-time and recorded on an easy-to-understand graph, allowing you to set goals, track your progress, and achieve more effectively!


Athlete Mode
Due to daily training, athletes tend to have more muscle mass and thicker skeletal muscle than average adults. This function may be helpful in measuring data if you wish to compensate for this difference in your more athletic body composition*.

*This measure is based on an estimated formula and impedance (electrical resistance). Please use all measurement results for trend reference only. We always recommend consulting a doctor for any medical advice.

Unlimited Users
One scale can accommodate unlimited users. Share one device with your family, colleagues, or classmates.

Compact Design
This thin and sleek designed scale can be stored in many tight storage spaces. The tempered glass plating is easy-to-clean and non-slip with an LED monitor that clearly displays numerical values and text, even in dark places. (Caution: If used on uneven flooring or carpeting, the numerical value may be incorrect. Be sure to use the scale on a hard, flat surface.)



1. The Smart Body Fat Scale must be used with the app. When linking the scale to the app, please fill in your personal information accurately so as not to affect data accuracy. 

2. Place the scale on a flat surface and avoid measuring when wearing socks.

3. Stand barefoot on the Scale to increase measurement accuracy.

4. Body fat percentage is suitable for users between 10 and 80 years old.

5. The scale is only for daily use at home, and should not be considered for medical purposes. A medical professional should be consulted when undertaking any dietary modification or exercise program.

6. Any persons who are be pregnant, suffer from osteoporosis, have a pacemaker, artificial joints, portable ECG or other metal devices implanted in their body are advised against using this product. If doing so, please use for weight measurement exclusively and wear shoes in order to bypass the electric current when stepping on the scale for measurement.

RENPHO empowers people worldwide to improve all aspects of their life by granting a passport to their own health data. Our mission is to create a growing ecosystem of smart lifestyle products that provide technologically advanced solutions which are essential, accessible and everyday. Our vision is to enhance people's health, fitness and wellness journey with Smart Healthy Living solutions. Our products are researched and developed closely with users and industry experts so that only the best products and app experiences make it into your home.
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