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YA-MAN - Cavispa RF Core Plus (HRF-51B-1)

YA-MAN - Cavispa RF Core Plus (HRF-51B-1)


3-in-1 Internal & External Sandwich Attack

Combining RF, ultrasound CAVI and muscle toning EMS technology


Radiofrequency RF

  • Deep warming, fat burning, cellulite reduction


Ultrasound CAVI

  • Penetrates the fat layer, breaks up cellulite and dissolves it for removal


Low and high frequency EMS

  • Stimulates deep muscle, detoxifies lymph and lifts lines



Energy Upgrade


Radio Frequency RF

  • 20% more powerful^ (^compared to HRF-17P model)
  • 3 RF intensity adjustments


Ultrasound CAVI

  • 330kHz ultrasound for deep skin lipolysis


Low frequency and high frequency EMS

  • Dual low frequency + high frequency energy
  • 6 adjustable EMS intensities


Safety Protection

  • Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of start-up or when the unit overheats
  • Large surface area guide for more powerful and time-saving effects
  • Beaded surface massage for smoother and smoother use in water
  • Combined with the wave design for a more comfortable massage
  • 1MHz circular head for deep warming of the skin



Treatment Modes


Facial treatment mode

  • Combines RF radio frequency and muscle toning EMS to help tone facial muscles and regenerate collagen to tighten sagging skin


Body Treatment

  • The RF radiofrequency and ultrasound CAVI are used to achieve lipolysis and wrinkle reduction
  • The muscle toning EMS helps to remove body wastes and enhance lines


Use in the shower

  • The Cavispa RF Slimming Device is IPX7 waterproof and can be used in the shower
  • The metabolism is 12% faster in the shower and ultrasound waves travel 4.5 times faster in water than in air, making them more effective when used in the shower

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