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TEA CHÂTEAU - Longjing 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Longjing 10s


Longjing is one of the famous Chinese teas. It belongs to the green tea category and is famous for its "green color, rich aroma, sweet taste and beautiful form". Emperor Qianlong traveled to the south of the Yangtze River six times and wrote many poems about Longjing tea. It is also the "royal tea" of ancient and modern state leaders. Longjing green tea is roasted at high temperature to retain the fresh aroma and taste components in the tea. Its tea texture is sweet and soft, the bean fragrance is apparent and long-lasting, and the aftertaste is sweet and refreshing.

Longjing helps to antioxidize, enhance immunity, and calm the nerves simultaneously. Green tea cools off excess heat, it is especially suitable for people with dry and hot body types.


  • Sweet and soft in texture, apparent and long-lasting bean fragrance, sweet and refreshing aftertaste
  • Helps to antioxidize, enhance immunity, and calm nerves
  • Cools off excess heat, especially suitable for people with dry and hot body types

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