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TEA CHÂTEAU - Tieguanyin 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Tieguanyin 10s


Tieguanyin was named by Emperor Qianlong. It belongs to the green tea category among the six major tea categories in China. It is also known as Oolong tea and is one of the top ten famous teas in China. Green tea is the tea with the most complicated processing technology and belongs to semi-fermented tea. Its aroma is strong, the tea taste is apparent, and it has rich taste levels. Tieguanyin is rich in substances, can be brewed repeatedly, and exudes a rich orchid aroma, which makes it have the reputation of "seven brews with lingering fragrance".

Tieguanyin is mild in nature and suitable for drinking by people with different physiques. It also has healthcare and wellness benefits, helping to eliminate stagnation and greasiness, lose weight and breaks down fat. The theanine in tea can also help us reduce anxiety and tension, calm the mind and reduce stress.


  • Strong orchid aroma, apparent tea taste, rich taste levels
  • Mild in nature, suitable for all physiques
  • Eliminates stagnation and greasiness, loses weight and breaks down fat, reduces anxiety

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