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TEA CHÂTEAU - Dragon Pearl Jasmine 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Dragon Pearl Jasmine 10s


Dragon Pearl Jasmine is a processed green tea made by mixing tea leaves in the shape of pearls with jasmine flowers.

The shape of the finished product is tightly rolled and the surface is smooth, so it is nicknamed "Dragon Pearl". Scenting is a process of making scented tea. The principle is to mix tea leaves with freshly picked flowers. In a static state, the tea leaves slowly absorb the scent of flowers through capillary action, and then being dried into scented tea. Volatile jasmine fragrances cannot be retained in the buds while the unique porous structure of tea leaves has strong adsorption ability, which can absorb the jasmine fragrance, enriching the level of tea flavor.


  • Fully absorbing Jasmine fragrances
  • Scent of jasmine relieves anxiety
  • Relieves discomforts of excess heat
Tea is part of life. A beverage, A ritual, A brief respite. Easy to savour, hard to brew. Before it arrives in our cups, it is grown and withered, guided by millennia of wisdom. Still, the perfect cup of tea is more infused with the expertise of craftsmen and a blend of traditional Chinese and Western remedies, the perfect brew warms the heart and nourishes the soul.
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