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TEA CHÂTEAU - Rose Tea 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Rose Tea 10s


Crafted from top-quality Persian roses, each floret has been carefully dried under a gentle sunlight to preserve the rich nutrients of the delicate blossom.

Brewed in perfect ratio for 30 seconds, the infusion is a beautiful amber color. Take a sip of the rose fragrance, let the passion linger on the tip of the tongue long and sweet, then the aroma and sweetness slowly diffuse in the mouth.

Roses contain 18 kinds of amino acids and other trace elements needed by the human body, which can remove peroxide radicals in the body. Rose tea can balance endocrine and improve endocrine disorders. Rose tea is a natural caffeine-free tea, which won't make drinkers sleepless, and can even make one feel soothing and help sleep. Long-term drinking will not cause heart palpitations, insomnia and other problems. The natural special aromatic molecules can relax the brain, relieve the tension in the busy life, make the spirit energetic and reduce fatigue.


  • Top quality Persian roses
  • Balances endocrine and improves endocrine disorders
  • Naturally caffeine-free, relaxes the brain

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