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TEA CHÂTEAU - Lingzhi Dahongpao 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Lingzhi Dahongpao 10s


Believed by Ancient Chinese to be a magical plant, only two or three trees out of a hundred thousand contain the rare herb Lingzhi. According to ancient texts, this beneficial fungus is renowned for its abilities to revitalise, improve circulation and provide a boost in energy.

It has been partnered with the oolong tea Dahongpao, a well-known oolong tea from Wuyi also known as “rock tea” because it grows between cracks in rocks. Also known as the “King of Teas”, Dahongpao is bright orange in colour and possesses a rich floral fragrance as well as mellow flavours.

Our Lingzhi Dahongpao tea is a gentle, calming tea suitable for all persons to enjoy which soothes the nerves and eases coughing.


  • Revitalises, improves circulation and provides a boost in energy
  • Amber-colored floral infusion
  • A gentle, calming tea suitable for all ages

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