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TEA CHÂTEAU - Freeze Your Age 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Freeze Your Age 10s


Stay young inside out with this revitalizing brew. Freeze Your Age features a unique herbal and tea base composed of ingredients like poria, ginseng, Pu’er leaves and Liupao leaves to create a multitude of flavours and diverse aromas.

This flavourful infusion contains nourishing herbs such as poria, tangerine peel and ginseng to boost immunity, strengthen the spleen, soothe the mind and improve vitality. The tea is completed with chrysanthemum, roses, solomonseal and wolfberry to enhance vision and nourish the kidney effectively. Frequent consumption of this comforting blend can regulate your body, leaving you looking youthful and radiant all the time.


  • Strengthens the spleen and nourishes the kidney
  • Poria and Ginseng as key notes, with a hint of chrysanthemum and rose
  • Rejuvenates and freeze your age

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