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TEA CHÂTEAU - Osmanthus Oolong 10s

TEA CHÂTEAU - Osmanthus Oolong 10s


Osmanthus blooms quietly, and golden osmanthus trees exude a sweet and mesmerizing fragrance. The poet said that the sweet osmanthus tree is not from the human world, but bloomed on the bright moon. Osmanthus has the meaning of nobility and auspiciousness since ancient times. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, other than admiring the moon, the Chinese also appreciate the noble form of osmanthus.

Under the moonlight, taste a cup of fragrant and elegant osmanthus oolong, the translucent tea infusion reflects the the bright moon, and the pleasant fragrance is quietly transmitted from the cup. Osmanthus has a short flowering period and often falls in the drizzle. We carefully harvest the buds and scent them in oolong tea four times to keep the freshest fragrance of osmanthus. Patiently waiting for the scenting process, the fragrance of osmanthus oolong is natural and the texture is gentle and delicate, and the aroma lingers for a long time.


  • Gentle and naturally fragrant
  • Scented in oolong tea fourfold
  • Gentle and delicate, lingering aroma

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