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Phyto & Jowae

Beauty, Home, Freshmart, Dining
Location Shop 32, B1/F
Phone 3911 1013
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Healthy and Beauty Hair through Plants, Phyto
Phyto is a 100% French botanical hair care brand that was created in 1969 by Patrick Alès, who has been always passionate about the power of plants.
Our products combine different highly concentrated plant extracts to obtain 100% active solutions. When a classical cosmetic formula is water-based, Phyto has achieved the replacement of this water by plant decoctions and uses aluminum or glass packaging to preserve the active ingredients.
Paris — Seoul Phytoactive Research, Jowae
Inspired by the word "Harmony" in Korean.
The Jowae Laboratory has chosen to use natural ingredients from Korean medicinal and traditional plants to develop unique care products that rebalance and protect the skin to preserve its youth and bring out its original light.

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