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GOMA® - Junior Combo Mask & Snorkel Set

GOMA® - Junior Combo Mask & Snorkel Set



  • Adjust according to your face and desired comfort level, fit the snorkeling goggle mask tightly to your face, then loosen the adjustment buckle and pull the goggle strap to adjust to the comfort level.
  • Note that the lens strap should not be too tight to avoid deformation of the mask
  • When snorkeling, in order not to affect the sealing of the snorkeling goggles, the mask of the snorkeling goggles should be pulled as little as possible.
  • After using the snorkeling goggles, because all parts have been soaked in sea water, please rinse them with water for 1-2 minutes to remove the salt from the sea water, and store them in a cool place after drying.



  • Under any condition, anyone should not swimming / diving alone.
  • This Combo mask & Snorkel set is only for used by individuals who knows how to swim.
  • If individuals do not know how to swim, this product must only be used when attended by a swimming adult or professional life guard/ coach.
  • This product is only for use in water.
  • Please do not leave children unattended when use this product.

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