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License and Permit


Fresh food, chilled food, frozen food, frozen confections (other than soft Ice-cream), and milk from are provided by SOGO Department Store (Causeway Bay) which holds the Fresh Provision Shop Licences issued by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Please see below for the licence and permits information.

Fresh Provision Shop Licence

Licence/Permit No.: 3612800774
Address: Portions of Basement 2, SOGO Department Store, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Permission Code:   Permission Description:
1.0     Fresh commodies
1.1 Fresh beef
1.1.1 Prepackaged fresh beef
1.2  Fresh pork
1.2.1 Prepackaged fresh pork
1.3  Fresh mutton
1.3.1 Prepackaged fresh mutton
1.4  Fresh fish
1.5   Fresh poultry carcass excluding water bird carcass
1.5.1 Fresh water bird carcass
1.6  Fresh reptiles
1.6.1 Fresh snake meat
2.0  Chilled commodities
2.1 Chilled beef
2.1.1 Imported chilled beef
2.1.2 Prepackaged chilled beef
2.2 Chilled pork
2.2.1 Imported chilled pork
2.2.2 Prepackaged chilled pork
2.3 Chilled mutton
2.3.1 Imported chilled mutton
2.3.2 Prepackaged chilled mutton
2.4 Chilled fish
2.4.1 Imported chilled fish
2.5  Chilled poultry
2.5.1 Imported chilled chicken
2.5.2 Imported chilled poultry (other than chicken)
2.6 Chilled reptiles
3.0  Frozen commodities
3.1 Frozen beef
3.2 Frozen pork
3.3 Frozen mutton
3.4 Frozen fish
3.5 Frozen poultry
3.6 Frozen reptiles
4.0  Live commodities
4.1 Live fish
4.2 Live poultry and fresh poultry carcass but excluding live water birds and live quails
4.2.1 Live water birds
4.2.2 Slaughter or dressing of live water birds for food
4.2.3 Live quails and fresh quail carcass
4.3 Live reptile
4.3.1 Live snake and fresh snake meat
5.0  Others
5.1 Cut fruit
5.2 Fresh fruit juice extracted on the premises
5.3 Frozen confection in manufacturers’ cups and wrappers
5.4 Frozen confection sold by the scoop
5.5 Fresh/ frozen game
5.6 Imported cooked meat/ meat products
5.7 Milk and milk beverages
5.8 No-bottled drinks in pressurized containers by means of a manual dispensing machine
5.9 Non-bottled drinks prepared by diluting drink mixes/ fruit juices with water on the 
5.10 Shell fish
5.10.1 Shell fish (Other than hairy crab)
5.10.2 Shell fish (Hairy crab)
5.11 Sashimi
5.12 Sushi
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