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About SOGO

SOGO Hong Kong Company Limited(or "SOGO") is the largest Japanese-style department store in Hong Kong and represents one of the major shopping landmarks for both local Hong Kong people and international tourists. Since its' commencement of operations in 1985, SOGO has striven to deliver its' mission of servicing and enhancing the daily lifestyles of our customers and their families.
Our department store is characterized by the "one-stop shop", "shop-in-shop", "Japanese style" and "customer oriented" concepts, offering quality goods, services and customer convenience within a comfortable and pleasurable shopping environment.
Throughout the years, SOGO has experienced continuous expansion. With its aim of creating a premium shopping environment for its shoppers, SOGO undertook a major renovation in 1993, expanding from 120,000 sq.ft. to 400,000 sq. ft. of retail selling space. In 2014, SOGO initiated a multi-year revamp project to upgrade and re-position key floors in order to cater to the evolving demands of our customers.
As the premier department store operator in Hong Kong, SOGO firmly stands by its conduct as a responsible, ethical and sustainable corporate citizen. We are committed towards the long-term drive of holistically integrating ESG values into our business model and corporate culture.
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