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Panasonic - FD-F06S1H Futon Dryer

Panasonic - FD-F06S1H Futon Dryer

  • Futon drying function allows you to enjoy fluffy and cozy beddings
  • Anti-mite function helps you to kick away mite and lower the chance of allergy
  • Clothes / shoes drying function can dry shoes and small amount of clothes
  • Specialized nozzle design allows three direction and more even blowing
  • Compact design and simple operation
  • Various preset warm air blowing mode including feather / wool / cotton blanket, shoes and clothes
  • Cool air blowing mode for summer usage
  • Made in Japan
Panasonic provides diversified home appliances, audio-visual, health and beauty care, kitchen and household products, telecommunications systems, business equipment and cold chain products in Hong Kong which brings comfort, convenience and pleasure to the lives of many.
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