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UCC - Royal European Blended Coffee Beans 700g

Sale Made in Japan
UCC - Royal European Blended Coffee Beans 700g


The Royal European Blend series features classic, long-selling blends that have been loved for many years due to their timeless taste and quality. On the packaging, you can notice the mark "big beans" and the blends in this series are all made using large coffee beans that have been carefully selected from the best coffee regions of the world. 


Taste and flavor profile

  • Subtle acidity and pleasantly complex flavors
  • Mellow and well-balanced
  • Depth of taste and flavor


What makes it special?

In terms of raw coffee bean selection and screening process, large bean size is associated with superior quality because it often represents high-altitude cultivation and aromatic complexity. The beans used in this blend are particularly large coffee beans selected from different coffee-growing regions of the world. 



The packaging of this blend is very interesting; it comes in a silver metallic packaging in the shape of a coffee barrel containing 700g of whole coffee beans.

At UCC, we believe that coffee is more than a product – it's the foundation to a passionate life and successful business. Our love for coffee grows deeper through the generations. Through our corporate principle – "Good Coffee Smile" – our goal is to deliver fun, joyful and delightful life experiences with each flavourful cup of coffee.
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