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Sale Made in Japan
JA Okinawa - Shikuwasa Concentrate 95ml

  • Made with 100% freshly squeezed Okinawa Shikuwasa, a fruit with high nutritional value. It has a strong sour and refreshing taste, rich in Nobiletin, which is very beneficial to health. It is also rich in vitamins. The sweet and sour taste is popular among women.

  • How to use

    Add to Shochu, Awamori, carbonated alcoholic beverages, coctails, and etc. Or add water and honey to make Shikuwasa juice according to personal preference.

    <Hot Drink>
    100% Okinawa Shikuwasa concentrated juice 10cc
    Syrup 6cc
    Hot water 100cc

    <Cold Drink>
    100% Okinawa Shikuwasa concentrated juice 15cc
    Syrup 15cc
    Water 70cc
    Ice cubes

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