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Bifesta - Micellar Cleansing Sheet (Oil In) 40pcs

Made in Japan
Bifesta - Micellar Cleansing Sheet (Oil In) 40pcs


"Oil-in" type contains squalene as beauty enhancing oil, restoring moisture and softness to rough and dry skin.


● Makeup removal oil integrated with beauty lotion-derived strong cleansing ingredients, quickly dissolves waterproof eye makeup and heavy makeup for thorough cleansing; beauty lotion ingredients moisturizes skin at the same time

● 1 sheet completes 3 steps: makeup removal, cleansing, moisturizing

● No need to rinse, convenient for makeup removal anytime and anywhere; can use as toner in morning for cleansing and moisturizing

● Large and soft moisture-rich cleansing sheet (15cm x 20cm), gently cares for skin with friction-reduced formula

● Plastic lid to prevent sheets from drying out; Moisture-rich till the last sheet

● Colorant-free, fragrance-free, passed allergy test

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