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BRITA - On-Tap Water Filter System (PGB-1037002)

BRITA - On-Tap Water Filter System (PGB-1037002)

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• 0.1 micron ultrafiltration hollow fibre membrane immediately filters out 99.99% bacteria in tap water
• Ion exchange fibre: effectively filter metals (such as lead), can improve the taste and extend the life of home appliances
• Activated carbon: natural activated carbon made from compressed coconut shell, effectively filtering the taste and odor substances, organic compounds such as methyl chloride, trihalomethane, pesticide (CAT), etc
• Replacement of filter: each filter can provide 600 liters of pure water
• LCD display: reminds the remaining water usage
• Practical shower function is more convenient for cleaning vegetables and fruits
• German technology ; Made in Japan

BRITA®. Originated from Germany with over 50 years experience at advance patented filter technology, being a market leader, BRITA® water filter jugs and bottles are selling in more than 60 countries.
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