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Okinawa Takarajima - Premium Shikuwasa Ginger Concentrate 300ml (12 bottles)

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Okinawa Takarajima - Premium Shikuwasa Ginger Concentrate 300ml (12 bottles)

  • Drink in winter keeps you warm! Drink with soda in summer keeps you refreshed!


  • The planting methods of Kintoki ginger and the typical ginger are quite different. If the ginger is planted repeatedly in the same soil, the quality of ginger will decrease.
    Since ginger absorbs and takes up a lot of nutrients from the soil, after a batch of Kintoki ginger is harvested, the land will not be used to grow ginger for several years to ensure the nutrients in the soil restore. As a result, the harvest amount of Kintoki ginger is rarer than typical ginger, and the main nutritional value

  • Gingerol content is 4 times higher than that of the typical ginger. Gingerol has a good repair and activation effect on the gastric mucosa.


  • Many countries, including Japan, are used to consume ginger added foods and drinks to keep the body warm. Oishii Shoga Shukan is made using rich Japanese ginger, Shikuwasa, and honey from Okinawa Prefecture.


  • Contains 44% Okinawa Shikuwasa Juice

  • How to use:
    Dilute it 4 to 5 times with hot water, or drink with water, soda, shochu, or awamori.


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