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Okinawa Takarajima - 20% Shekwasha juice (24 bottles)

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Okinawa Takarajima - 20% Shekwasha juice (24 bottles)

  • Shikuwasa, unique to Okinawa, is a small citrus fruit with a diameter of about 30-40mm. It has a strong acidity. Along with peels, after being squeezed, one can taste the true sourness of the fruit and the slight astringency of the peel.


  • Because the filter mesh is thick, the fiber of the fruit is also included, which you can taste the shikuwasa pulp. After adding beet sugar from Hokkaido, it neutralizes the slight astringency of the Okinawa Shikuwasa.


  • The fully-ripe Shikuwasas are milder than the Aokiri Shikuwasas harvested in summer, but because the fruits are freshly squeezed together with the peels, it retains a slight astringency in taste. You can experience two different taste levels, which is not presented in other citrus juices.

  • Use of raw materials
    The manufacturer carefully selects domestic raw materials from Okinawa and Japan, including Okinawa's Shikuwasa and Hokkaido's beet sugar.

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