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Kirameki - Yukihira Nabe 22cm

Kirameki - Yukihira Nabe 22cm

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  • The saucepan is frequently used by Japanese households and catering businesses. Its light weight is easy for cooking.


Size: L39cm x W23cm x H13cm (2.9L)
Thickness: 0.8mm
Material: Stainless Steel Nb
Suitable for gas, IH cooktop
Made in Japan

Sori Yanagi
Sori Yanagi was a Japanese industrial designer. He played a role in Japanese modern design developed after World War II to the high-growth period in the Japanese economy. He is both a representative of the wholly Japanese modern designer and a full-blown modernist who merged simplicity and practicality with elements of traditional Japanese crafts. Most of Yanagi's designs are very simple and beautiful. His products illustrate his thinking: true beauty is not made, it is born naturally. When he created a new product, he made the first versions over and over by hand, seeking new forms that took shape from both new and old ideas.
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