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Dolce Sogno - 70% Hungarian White Goose Down Quilt (NP000HBQ)

Sale Imported from Hungary CHINA DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Dolce Sogno - 70% Hungarian White Goose Down Quilt (NP000HBQ)


    The Top Down Feather from Hungary

    Ultimate Indulgence of Warmth

    The "Platinum" among the Down Feather

  • Down Feather, no other thermal insulator can compare with its finest warmth, best softness and breath ability. Among variety species of Down Feather, Goose Down provides even better warmth than Duck Down, where the quality is best in Hungary, Poland, Canada and Siberia in order.The grassland, rivers and climate in Hungary bring the perfect geographical benefits together of producing the fine natural Goose Down, which all the factors have nurtured the strong warmth keeping ability of the goose under the cold natural environment. Therefore, the Goose Down produced in Hungary is called "Platinum" in the country, which represents the pride of Hungary, also the superior position of this material in the country.
  • 100% Tender and smoothing experience

  • Produced by the well selected 100% high-quality cotton in the quilt, it guarantees that no irritability or any negative effects will be caused when in contact with skin but excellent smoothness, breath ability and moisture absorb ability. In the process of spinning, shorter fibers and impurities are all eliminated, making the cotton fabric more resilient and softer.
  • The Best Warmth Imported from Hungary

  • The larger size of the down clusters are, the longer rachis it has, and thicker layer of its spherical structure in order to trap more air for against heat loss. The Hungarian Goose Down is relatively larger in size than any other species of down clusters. Therefore, the fluffiness and warmth of the Hungarian Goose Down is at superb grade when compares to other down feather. All products of Dolce Sogno are 100% delivered from Hungary to Hong Kong and superiority is guaranteed.
  • Quality Production Certification

  • Down Quilt of Dolce Sogno are all "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" certificated which proves no harmful substances are contained in fabric; also certificated with EN 12935 from Europe in order to guarantee the hygiene and cleanliness of feather. ​

Size and Dimension (inch)

Single : 60"X89" , 800g

Double :70"X89" , 900g

Queen : 80"X89" , 1100g

King : 97"X89", 1220g

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