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Hegen - Teat Fast Flow (2-pack)

Hegen - Teat Fast Flow (2-pack)

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Hegen's Fast Flow teat is suitable from the sixth month as it meets the need for a fast milk flow rate during weaning.

Hegen's teats are designed to encourage seamless transition from breast to bottle feeding, minimising nipple confusion for your baby.

Our velvety soft, elliptical shaped teat closely mimics a mother's lactating breast while the off-centre teat design promotes upright feeding - similar to a position in which babies are nursed - to reduce the risk of milk back-flow and resulting mid-ear complications and colic.

The built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake and prevents bubbling of milk, saving precious nutrients from oxidation.

Additional teats of various sizes (all sold separately) allow mothers to simply swap to their choice of teats for baby’s perfect feed as time goes by. Simply assemble the teat into the collar and your Hegen bottle instantly becomes a feeding lid for baby.

*Hegen Teats are embossed with indicators to show the teat flow:

- 0 for Extra Slow Flow (0 months)

- 1 for Slow Flow (1-3 months)

- 2 for Medium Flow (3-6 months)

- 3 for Fast Flow (6 months and beyond)

- Y for Thick Feed (for thickened liquids)

*All Hegen teats only have one hole; flow rate of each teat is determined by the size of the hole

Directions for Assembly:

- To remove transparent cover

With the Hegen logo on the Collar facing you, push the Transparent Cover backwards (away from you) to open.

- To assemble teat into collar

Step 1: Gently squeeze the anti-colic air vent to ensure it is open.

Step 2: Place the Collar over the Teat

Step 3: Pull the Teat through the Collar until it is snugly fitted.

Tip: Press on all 4 sides to ensure Teat is fully secured. Place on the Transparent Cover for hygiene purposes.

What's Included

2 x Hegen Teats Fast Flow

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