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PHILIPS - Sonicare 9900 Prestige Toothbrush (HX9996)

Sonic brushing
PHILIPS - Sonicare 9900 Prestige Toothbrush (HX9996)


Sonicare 9900 Prestige with SenseIQ technology is our most advanced power toothbrush. It enhances our proven sonic technology with intelligence, sensing and adapting for holistic care so you always get it right:


  • SenseIQ technology senses, adapts and cares
    As you brush, SenseIQ technology senses pressure, motion, coverage and more up to 100 times per second. It then adapts the intensity if you push too hard. The intelligence of SenseIQ takes the guesswork out of brushing modes, so you can experience effortless care and better brushing over time.
  • All-in-One brush head for complete care
    Clean without compromise with the A3 Premium All-in-One brush head. Our all-time best has angled bristles to help remove up to 20x more plaque even in hard-to-reach areas*. Triangular tips work to remove up to 100% more stains in less than two days***. And longer bristles clean deep for gums that are up to 15x healthier in just two weeks**. All that without ever switching brush heads. Did you know: brush heads become less effective after 3 months of use? Our BrushSync™ feature can remind you when it's almost time for a replacement.
  • Personalized guidance from the Philips Sonicare APP
    The Philips Sonicare app is powered by artificial intelligence and works in perfect harmony with the toothbrush. Use it to brush with real-time guidance about pressure, motion, coverage, duration and frequency. View progress reports by day, week, month and year. Get personalized recommendations and actionable steps for better brushing. Meanwhile, auto-syncing keeps brushing data up-to-date in the app, even when you don’t brush with the app by your side.
  • Senses your brushing style
    While you clean, Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige uses sensors to detect the pressure you apply, cleaning motion and coverage – up to 100 times per second. The sensors also keep an eye on how long and how often you brush.
  • Adapts to you in real time when you brush too hard
    Most of us apply too much pressure during brushing. That’s why our toothbrush automatically adjusts intensity when you push too hard. And with the free Philips Sonicare app, you can experience tailormade guidance and personalized recommendations to take your brushing to the next level.
  • Sonic brushing: the masterclass in effective cleaning
    Brush away plaque with sonic technology – our benchmark in effective and gentle cleaning. While you brush, up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute and dynamic fluid action help clean even hard-to-reach areas, leaving your mouth feeling exceptionally fresh and clean.
  • Easy charging with the minimalist stand and base
    When it is time to charge the toothbrush, simply place it on the charging base. Perfect for admiring your toothbrush's crisp, modern design.

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