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Fook Ming Tong - Tea Lifestyle Gift Set - Assorted Tea Bag (14pcs)

Fook Ming Tong - Tea Lifestyle Gift Set - Assorted Tea Bag (14pcs)


The gift set offers assorted includes FMT tea bags :

  • Long Jing
  • Tie Guan Yin
  • Jasmine
  • Pu'er
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Secret Garden
  • Da Hong Pao


2 tea bags of each, total 14 tea bags

Fook Ming Tong
Since its founding in 1987, Fook Ming Tong has endeavored to promote the fine culture of tea drinking, lending an impetus to advance the Chinese tea into a wider international market. Fook Ming Tong bases its headquarters in Hong Kong, supported by a purchasing, QC, packaging and logistics center in Hangzhou; a Oolong Tea Processing center in Anxi, Fujian specialized in the traditional method of producing Tie Guan Yin; as well as an office in Shanghai in charged of managing the sales network across the whole China. In the harvesting seasons, Fook Ming Tong sent out professional purchasing teams led by its tea masters to source for premium tealeaves, and process Tie Guan Yin on the spot by employing traditional technique. Fook Ming Tong arranges regular training courses for its staff, in order to ensure highest tea quality and service standard.
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