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cuckoo - IH Twin Pressure Multi Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR06)

Made in Korea
cuckoo - IH Twin Pressure Multi Rice Cooker (CRP-LHTR06)

  • Capacity: 1.08L / 6 Cups
  • Double pressure IH multi-function rice cooker
  • can open the lid for adding ingredients when non-pressure mode
  • Multi-functional cooking: GABA nutrition, mixed grain rice, porridge, easy food and other cooking modes
  • 2.0Bar atmospheric pressure + IH high-speed cooking, the fastest 16 minutes to complete the cooking process
  • Smart LED touch operation, power saving mode and user-friendly design
  • One-touch detachable stainless steel inner cover
  • X-Wall Black Shine easy-to-clean inner pot
  • Vacuum double seal ring
  • Automatic sterilization cleaning
  • Inner pot anti-scalding handle
  • GABA rice preset function
  • Made in Korea
  • Voice nevigation: Cantonese, English, Mandarian

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