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CASA-V - Cotton Cozy Comforter (VP311)

CASA-V - Cotton Cozy Comforter (VP311)

  • Using the silk-like smoothing Tencel as quilt surface fiber, it promotes an optimal skin feeling of softness, and helps to regulate the moisture level when in contact with human skin, preventing moisture lost from skin surface due to friction. With the 100% precious Mulberry silk as inner material, the hollow structure in silk fiber can evaporate the excess sweat and heat, while blocking the cold air out like double-layer glass at the same time, offering the perfect temperature in every season. The quilt can be machine washed for easier cleaning anytime.
  • Fiber from Nature: Tencel is a wood pulp fiber extracted from coniferous trees, which guarantees its sustainability and is pollution-free to environment.
  • Silky and Smooth: Compared to other fibers, Tencel has a more silky touch with subtle shiny appearance, giving an unforgettable softness and comfortability.
  • Precious Mulberry Silk: Using 100% precious Mulberry Silk as inner material, the silk contains sericin that is very skin-friendly while effectively prevents the growth of mite or bacteria.
  • Perfect for any season: Silk’s porous structure allows evaporating excess sweat and absorbing excess heat, while isolating the cold air like the double-layer glass.
  • Moisture Regulation: Tencel has excellent moisture transmission - releasing excessive moisture from human body, while keeping the sleeping environment dry and refreshing.


Size and Dimension (inch)

Single : 60"x89"

Double : 70"x89"

Queen : 80"x89"

King : 97"x89"

Casa Calvin
Established in Hong Kong in 1993, Casablanca is a leading brand of bedding products, engaged in bedding design, production, and retailing. Casablanca Group Limited (incorporated in the Cayman Islands) has been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 2012 (Stock Code: 2223). Headquartered in Hong Kong, Casablanca upholds the "fashion, creativity, functionality" design concept, and is dedicated to the research and promotion of healthy sleeping. The Group mainly operates three proprietary brands – Casablanca, Casa Calvin and CASA-V, aiming to deliver stylish bedding designs with Italian art style.
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