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LAURASTAR - S Pure Plus All-in-one Ironing System

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LAURASTAR - S Pure Plus All-in-one Ironing System

  • S PURE Plus irons, rejuvenates and enhances your clothes effortlessly
  • Thanks to its own unique technology, this all-in-one ironing system offers perfect results both horizontally and vertically
  • Iron, steam, disinfect effortlessly! Kill pathogenic agents and thoroughly freshen your laundry
  • Dry Microfine Steam(DMS)
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and dust mites (Laboratory Tested)
  • Blower and Vacuum System
  • 6 height adjustment settings to adapt to all sizes.
  • 2 pairs of integrated wheels for easy transportation.
Laurastar is a Swiss brand that has always, since it was founded, been committed to respecting your clothes and the environment. That is why Laurastar constantly innovates so you can keep your clothes looking beautiful easily and purify them naturally thanks to the hygienic qualities of its steam. Laurastar takes care of you and our planet. Each product is designed to last a long time, a commitment against planned obsolescence. Because life is never too beautiful.
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  • Additional service charges of installation, site survey, old appliance dismantling or disposing & the additional Stair Charge are not included in product price.
  • This product will be direct delivery by vendor within 7 to 10 working days.
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