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Brand Story of M. I. Hummel
The creator, Maria Innocentia Hummel, sold charming postcards depicting children to raise revenue for the Siessen Convent during the World War II. These cards came to the attention of Franz Goebel, the head of a porcelain company bearing his name. He then translated the artwork into three-dimensional beautiful figurines with fine craftsmanship. In 1935, the first M. I. Hummel figurines were introduced in the world stage in the Leipzig Fair and were immediately successful. Since then, Hummel figurines have become the beloved collectibles and they bring joy and laughter to millions of people. Nowadays, Hummel Manufaktur GmbH continues the legend of M.I. Hummel.

M.I. Hummel 2016 New Novelties & Painting Demonstration by M.I. Hummel Master Painter
Embrace the childlikeness and serenity radiated from Hummel figurines. The creator, Berta Hummel, drew heartwarming drawings of children to express their warmth, innocence, and joy. They were later transformed into angelic Hummel figurines by Goebel, renowned German porcelain company. Until now, Hummel Manufacktur continues the production. Spreading and sprinkling our hearts with love, these figurines echo to different festive celebrations, which allow customers to easily select gifts that best express their feelings and wishes.
Each hand-painted Hummel figurine is a symbol of joy and peace, and has become precious collectables embraced by collectors around the world. On 12th May – 22nd May, EXCLUSIVITÉS is honoured to have German master painter Mr. Thomas Guenther in Hong Kong to demonstrate his brilliant painting skills and personalize your M.I. Hummel figurines. As a highlight of the precious experience, Mr. Thomas Guenther will also sign on figurines that are purchased on-site.

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