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Bed & Bath, Travel, Health Care Products
Location Shop 31, 9/F
Phone 2831 8643
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Founded in 1971, Lick Sang Company, has successfully entered the department store industry and established its first consignment counter, Chamber, in a Hong Kong department store in 1981. In 2008 the Company successfully set up a consignment counter in Sogo Department Store in the Causeway Bay, and being the sole agent has unprecedentedly introduced many well-known international bedding brands, such as , Revert, Dentons, Eskimo, Mora, Minijumbuk, Dreamland, Peri, Paradies, Piel, and Fazzini to Hong Kong consumers. Regarding bedding brands represented by Chamber, each of them has its own special style and unique image, and will launch a new design pattern on a quarterly basis. We pay special attention and take care of different customer tastes and preferences, both men and women and of different ages, including children and young people to meet today's design trends. Besides selling bed sheet of a variety of designs, we also represent superior quality of other bedding products such as pillows for different customer needs, various types of comforter inner and duvet, and even small blankets for baby! With all these fascinating collections, we are sure that you would pick your favorite choices in mind.

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