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Prince of Peace - American Ginseng Root Tea with Honey (18 tea bags)

Sale $199/2
Prince of Peace - American Ginseng Root Tea with Honey (18 tea bags)

  • Please enter 2pcs in the shopping cart for $199/2pcs promotion offer, and the discount will be automatically reflected.

  • In case of any dispute, SOGO reserves the right of final decision.

  • This product is produced by the 100% Wisconsin American Ginseng root with with no artificial color and preservatives and no chemicals added.

  • Made in the US and complied with the US FDA and EPA standards.

  • Each tea bag is individually Wrapped aluminum foil teabag.

  • Functions: Strengthen immune system and boost overall health; help reduce physical fatigue.
Specialize in manufacturing 100% pure American Wisconsin American ginseng, American ginseng tea, and health food; selected with 100% pure American Wisconsin American ginseng. it is a guarantee for consumers to buy our pure American ginseng!
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