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Zero Japan - Tea Warmer

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Zero Japan - Tea Warmer

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  • Bright colors and stylish shapes are the characteristics of Zero Japan. By learning the traditional skills of ceramic ware from history, and combine new technique, they produced their ceramic products in 3 concepts: Good looking, good touch and very useful. These 3 simple concepts make the products become special.

  • All Zero Japan pass the test of cadmium and lead. It's safe. It's normal if there is any small pin hole / black spot on the products.

    - Caution should always be used when using the ceramic teapot warmer. Before each use, check for any damage to the warmer and stainless-steel part.
    - Do not use the teapot warmer if any of its parts are broken.
    - Use tea light candle only.
    - The teapot, warmer and stainless-steel part will become very hot when using the warmer. Use caution during and after use of them.
    - Keep the teapot warmer away from children while in use.
    - Do not carry while the candle is lit.
    - Remove the stainless-steel part before putting the warmer in the dishwasher.


Material: Ceramic
Size: L15.8cm x W13cm x H7cm
Microwave & Dishwasher safe
Made in Japan

ZERO JAPAN items has a fresh, modern design without frills. All elements are proportionally right. It comes in attractive, fresh and clear colors. The single color makes it easy to match them with other cups and plates with patterns. Use them to brighten up the rest of tableware. Bright colors and stylish shapes are the characteristics of teapot. All Zero Japan teapots come with a stainless steel lid. The teapot can be used with one hand. It's convenient to use and easy to clean.
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