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Togiya - Mitsumine Kurata Handmade Tweezers (U-0005)

Sale Made in Japan The highest peak of Edo tweezers
Togiya - Mitsumine Kurata Handmade Tweezers (U-0005)

  • [Mitsumine Kurata and Manpo Tweezers] A craftsman who inherits the tradition of tweezers smithing that has continued since the Edo period.
  • He is also a tweezers who handles the entire process by himself, and his advanced finish, which combines the elaborateness of achieving fine meshing with the forging technology that keeps it for a long time, has been highly evaluated not only in Japan but also overseas. increase.
  • It has appeared several times on TV programs introducing craftsmen such as the Japanese Style Originator, and its product is known as "Manpo Tweezers" in Japan and "MANPO tweezers" overseas, and it is a gem that conveys the handmade techniques of Edo craftsmen to the present age. As a result, it is loved by professional users in various fields.


  • Forged tweezers with a total length of about 82mm.
  • The width of the rear end is about 7.5mm, but it narrows toward the end, and the width of the tip is about 3mm.
  • Please note that all sizes are handmade and may vary slightly.
  • It is in the paulownia box shown in the image.
  • Material: Matte polish (satin finish) stainless steel
  • Size: 82mm
Togiya brings the best Japanese products which made by traditional Japanese technology and computer technology with a comfortable and considerate Japanese life. We also provides Japanese maintenance (sharpening) services to customers to let them feel worthy to purchase our products!
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