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MORAL - Nighthawks Backpack Military (08244)

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MORAL - Nighthawks Backpack Military (08244)


When Moral is coming up with a new design, the team always hopes to highlight the benefits of a backpack so users can have a versatile and practical backpack at different times, places and occasions. This time, Moral created a backpack that is flexible and versatile when users are using it outdoor or in daily life. Therefore, after countless nights, here comes the Nighthawks backpack.

When Moral was designing the Nighthawks backpack, we aimed to adopt lighter materials so that users can be use it in daily use or even during hiking.

Overall, we integrated military elements into the fashionable design of the Nighthawks backpack, so that the backpack no longer looks boring, but rather it becomes more stylish. However, in the past, many military-style backpacks were quite heavy. We selected some military accessories and put them on the Nighthawks to make it trendy, but at the same time it is very user-friendly!

In addition to the outlook, we could not miss the practicality of the Nighthawks! Moral's backpacks are always practical and convenient. When Moral was designing the Nighthawks, we not only adhered to these two principles, but we also tried to improve the safety aspects of the backpack. The main compartment uses a roll top design, which not only helps protect your personal belongings but also allows for added space if required.

Moral insists on bringing convenient and practical backpacks and different kinds of bags to the public, and Nighthawks has further upgraded its practicality and convenience. In addition to the usual multi-inner compartments and multi-zip pockets, Nighthawks chooses to use "magnetic buckle", which is more convenient to use! And we also understand many users would use the same backpack wherever they go, no matter they go to work, go shopping, or go for any outdoor activities. Therefore, we also added a 15” laptop thickened sponge interlayer and a tablet thickened sponge interlayer inside the main compartment, making this backpack not only suitable for outings, but also suitable for work and daily use.

When Moral designs every backpack, cross-body bag, and Tote Bag, we hope to do our best in every detail after listening to our users and make improvements to make our bags more considerate and practical to our users. Therefore, we hope that in the future, we can further hear your voices and create more bags that are best to use!


Capacity: 29L

Weight: 1.1kg

Fit laptop: 13"

Dimension: 29 x 9 x 47cm

Moral bags strive for a timeless look with modern functionality. Our aim is for bags that can be used around town, at school, out on the hike and exploring new worlds. They are perfect companions for creatives and urban professionals who commute to the office, school or studio daily. We want to produce the most durable, versatile, and thoughtfully designed bags that stand up no matter where the journey takes you and all this for a reasonable price.
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