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Thermos - Vacuum Insulated Bottle 500ml (JOG-500K)

Thermos - Vacuum Insulated Bottle 500ml (JOG-500K)


Model No.                               JOG-500K
Capacity                                  500 ml
Heat Retention                       ≥ 68°C (6 hours) 
Cold Retention                        ≤ 10°C (6 hours)
Caliber (cm)                            4.7
Dimension (cm)                      6.5 × 6.5 × 21.5
Weight (g)                              210g

Thermos Starting from AD 1904, when three German created the world’s first Vacuum Insulated bottle with glass inner in Berlin with the name “THERMOS”. THERMOS GMBH comes The word THERMOS comes from the Greek for hot meaning. Thermos is a German Brand and nowadays, Thermos’s vacuum insulated products have been very famous and popular all round the world.
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