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FAQ™ - Anti-Aging Silicone LED Mask (FAQ™202)

Firm Rejuvenate Repair
FAQ™ - Anti-Aging Silicone LED Mask (FAQ™202)



  • Introducing an entirely new generation of LED mask
  • Ultra-lightweight, wireless, and made with flexi-fit silicone to mold to your facial contours for even light coverage
  • FAQ™ 202 features 8 different wavelengths, including NIR, to tackle signs of aging and other skin concerns - while you do literally anything else
  • Move around freely, and enjoy spa-level LED facial treatments, at the push of a button


STEP 1 - Put on mask

  • Start with a clean and dry face & apply FAQ™ P1, if desired
  • Then place your FAQ™ 202 Silicone LED Face Mask over your face, and secure in place with the headband

STEP 2 - Turn on

  • Press the universal button to turn on your mask
  • You can change the LED colors by quick-pressing the button again With FAQ™ 202, you can access more settings and pre-programmed treatments via the FAQ™ Swiss app

STEP 3 - Move freely

  • Enjoy your LED facial for up to 15 mins, while you continue with your day - for multitasking at its best
  • Once finished, press the universal button for 3 seconds to turn off your mask

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