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SIEMENS - iQ300 Free-standing Compact Dishwasher (SK26E82208)

Sale New 99.99% anti-bacterial varioSpeed
SIEMENS - iQ300 Free-standing Compact Dishwasher (SK26E82208)

Low in stock
  • varioSpeed: up to 50% faster dishwashing in almost all cycles
  • autoProgramme: the press of a button controls the entire dishwashing process for brilliant results
  • extraDry: uses higher temperatures for the drying process and extends the drying phase
  • aquaStop®: worry free for water leakage, immediately shuts off the water supply directly when leak is detected
  • iQdrive: the wear-free motor is very efficient, quiet, lower energy consumption with identical performance

Free Site Measurements and installation for the first time

  • Carry an appliance up or down stairs (16 steps equal one flight of stairs, charging starts incurred after 6 steps): $40/flight
  • Lift an appliance10 inches or higher off the floor to pass over a threshold/obstacle: $120
  • Move an appliance around the house/ apartment, e.g. from kitchen to living room: $120
  • Carry an appliance using Hand Cart where truck access is unavailable: $50/100meter
  • Field service on Outlying islands (except Discovery Bay and Ma Wan): $250
  • Discovery Bay and Ma Wan delivery on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Siemens Upgraded Removal Service

  • Free of charge for regulated electrical appliances
  • Any premises in Hong Kong, excluding outlying islands, moving objects (boats, yachts or vehicles)
  • Collection address must be identical as delivery address
  • Same type and quantity of purchased appliance, including non-regulated electrical appliances
  • Same as delivery date. Delivery and disposal must be performed concurrently


Service does not cover

  • Installation on moving objects or locations such as boat, yacht or vehicle, etc
  • Removal of appliances outside a house or apartment


Service fee if not prepaid will be collected onsite

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