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SISLEY - Phyto-Blanc La Nuit 50ml

SISLEY - Phyto-Blanc La Nuit 50ml


An overnight brightening and anti-dark spot cream to reveal all the uniformity, evenness and radiance upon waking.

Night is a key moment for the skin, a time where it can recover and detoxify. With Phyto-Blanc La Nuit Overnight Brightening Cream, Sisley Research is now targeting this essential phase to reveal the uniformity, evenness and radiance upon waking.

Phyto-Blanc La Nuit acts specifically during the skin's nocturnal recovery phase and ideally complete the Phyto Blanc Collection day care products, for an even more comprehensive brightening and anti-dark spot action:

- Instantly, skin is more comfortable. It is intensely hydrated, more supple and softer thanks to the combination of hydrating and nourishing key ingredients which compensate the weakening of the barrier function and brings comfort.

- Upon waking, the complexion is fresher and rid of its dullness. The skin seems rested.

- Night after night, the skin is replumped and the number, size and intensity of all types of dark spots* are visibly reduced thanks to the combined action of powerful key active ingredients.

The patented Phyto-Blanc Complex** offers a truly complete action to effectively fight against the appearance of dark spots at the surface. The complexion is more uniform and transparent.

*Due to aging, sun or environmental stress **In France

Launched in 1976 by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano, Sisley is a prestigious French skincare brand and a pioneer in Phyto-Cosmetology. Drawing inspiration from the very heart of the plant, Sisley combines an understanding of plants, their composition and effects with an understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, and develops highly effective products based on plants’ vital energy, their capacity for regeneration and adaptation, their protection systems, and their fragrances. Each formula takes years to research the best dosages and combinations of the active ingredients, ensuring the highest effectiveness and the most pleasant sensory experience.
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