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FLONAL Cookware - Diamante ‧ Casserole with High Dome Glass Lid

FLONAL Cookware - Diamante ‧ Casserole with High Dome Glass Lid


Diamond Coating Technology
Designed for a professional use, DCT is a very high efficient technology that ensures outstanding non-stick effect and durability. Characterized by an high degree of hardness, it is strong against wears and scratches over time.

Natural diamonds
The non-stick coating is reinforced with diamonds: 15 carats each kg of coating (that equals to 33 carats each kg of dried coating). This new technology is designed to offer premium quality products, suitable for an intensive use and able to guarantee the best performances and long life.

A revolutionary substrate
Flonal has developed a revolutionary substrate, High Ground System. A real barrier that, besides protecting and making the coating more resistant, improves the release properties thanks to the special rough effect and a wider cooking surface.

Forged aluminium
Forged body, pronounced edges and solid structure. The high aluminium thickness on the bottom provides stability and ensures perfect heat distribution during cooking.

Safe coating
Flonal non-stick coatings are free from nickel, heavy metals and PFOA.

FLONAL Cookware
FLONAL Cookware has insisted on designing and producing in Italy since 1985. Over the years of progress, Flonal produces high-quality and innovative products to the world and be respected in the world.
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