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Zojirushi - SS Vacuum Mug (SE-KAE48) 480ml

Sale Tea Strainer Attached
Zojirushi - SS Vacuum Mug (SE-KAE48) 480ml


Vacuum insulated construction with superior heat and cold retention

Vacuum insulation minimizes heat transfer to keep exterior from gettinghot, and minimizes condensation

SUS304 Stainless Steel Matte Finish interior Dual Infuser & Tea Strainer

For Tea Strainer: easy to take out the tea at the desired density and repeat brew, can be placed on Lid.

For Directly Fill: Tea leaf Stopper prefects for brewing strong tea and Tea leaf increasing in volume when brewed.

Tea Strainer with Silicone Rubber Handle, easy to carry and hard to get hot Leak Proof Lid Curved Lid Design for an Elevated Drinking Experience

Traditional Chinese style Clay Teapot Texture 6cm Wide mouth is easy to fill and clean Heat Retention 1hr > 83℃, 6hr >56℃ Cold Retention 1hr < 7℃

Zojirushi Corporation began operation more than 100 years ago with the launch of its first glass-lined vacuum bottle - setting an industry standard for new vacuum insulation technology in an everyday household product and firmly establishing itself as a company which uses cutting edge technology to bring comfort, ease, vitality and affluence into the lives of its customers worldwide.
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