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Babymoov - Lovenest+ Baby Pillow

Babymoov - Lovenest+ Baby Pillow


Developed by French Paediatrician Dr Maidenberg to prevent plagiocephaly syndrome (flat head), Lovenest+ supports the healthy growth of baby’s skull as well as being a comfortable pillow for baby to sleep on. It’s made from breathable Coolmax® fabric, and the non-slip back means Lovenest+ can be used in baby’s cot, bouncer, swing and car seat.

Lovenest+ is an ergonomic minimal head support which helps baby’s head to develop as it should and to prevent or improve any signs of flat head syndrome. The angle of its incline and specific indent are suited to the shape of baby’s skull, so it ensures an even distribution of pressure across baby’s head.

Designed with Medical Experts:
Paediatrician Dr Maidenberg said “In 1994, recommendations that babies should sleep on their backs led to a reduction in cot deaths. In the weeks that followed the widespread take-up of this new sleeping position, I saw increasing numbers of babies in my consultation room presenting cranial asymmetry: positional plagiocephaly. I was sure it was possible to find a simple and effective means of preventing this, so I worked with children’s fashion designer, Gina Diwan. From this collaboration the Lovenest range was created with Babymoov.”

Professional Recommendation:
Avni Trivedi, a Paediatric Osteopath in the UK, says “As a cranial osteopath I frequently treat babies with ‘flat head syndrome’ or plagiocephaly ... I highly recommend the Lovenest(+) due to its clever design which avoids pressure on the baby’s skull.”

Product Features
- Innovative design reduces pressure on baby’s skull
- Made using Coolmax® antibacterial fabric to eliminate perspiration and adapt to baby’s temperature for perfect comfort
- Wide, padded pillow area to adapt to baby’s growth
- Non-slip back for safe use in cots, bouncers, swings, cars seats
- Suitable age: 0-6 months
- Available in two colours: Smokey and Blue

Product Benefits
- Aids the healthy development of baby’s skull shape, and prevents plagiocephaly (flat head)
- Keeps baby cool and comfortable thanks to Coolmax® fabric
- Adapts with baby’s growth
- Comfortable support aids baby in settling to sleep
- Offers real support without restricting baby’s freedom of movement

Technical Details
- Outside: Cotton, Polyester and Elastane
- Foam filling: machine washable at 30⁰
- Dimensions: 24 x 4.7 x 30cm (+/- 2%)

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