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Togiya - Damasucus Steel Nagiri Knife (TKT-1165H)

Sale Made in Japan
Togiya - Damasucus Steel Nagiri Knife (TKT-1165H)


You can use it for meat, vegetables, and fish. The another name is Vegetable cutting knife, so it is the most suitable kitchen knife for cutting vegetables. A full-fledged blade is applied with a whetstone to maintain sharp sharpness for a long time.

Damascus steel is named after it was made from Indian Wootz steel and forged into swords in Damascus, Syria. The biggest feature is the unique pattern that occurs when the molten cast steel solidifies in the crucible, and very few people know the manufacturing method. During the Crusades, it was prized as a famous sword because of its mysterious beauty and preciousness. The current Damascus steel reproduces this pattern.

The blade base is sharpened by a professional technician using the rough and medium water grinds to facilitate re-sharpening before attaching the main blade. The blade and handle are integrated with no gaps and are very hygienic.


  • Blade Material: 63 layers Damascus Steel
  • Handle Material: 18-8 Stainless
  • Blade Length: 180mm
  • Weight: 220g
Togiya brings the best Japanese products which made by traditional Japanese technology and computer technology with a comfortable and considerate Japanese life. We also provides Japanese maintenance (sharpening) services to customers to let them feel worthy to purchase our products!
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