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PAUL & JOE - Pressed Blush 5g (Refill & Case)

PAUL & JOE - Pressed Blush 5g (Refill & Case)

To receive a gel foundation s trial sample  upon purchase of any PAUL & JOE products. One set for each transaction.


Playful color duos matching the day’s mood, for cheeks glowing with vivacity and exuberance. The product promises brilliant results mirroring the beauty of spring,allowing your cheeks to blossom into a happy glow matching the day’s mood or desired look.

A powder blush promising a happiness-filled look with vividly glowing cheeks. The powder formula is weightless to wear and delivers vivid, flawlessly even results with a single light dusting. Ten playful yet exquisitely calibrated color combinations allow your cheeks to blossom into a happy glow matching the day’s mood or desired look.

*Compact & Refill are included.

Sophie Mechaly borns in Paris, France. In 1995 she launched “PAUL & JOE” as a menswear company, naming it after her two sons, and the following year , launched her womenswear line. The designs in her fun filled collection are permeated with a relentless “JOIE DE VIVRE” (the joy of life), garnering PAUL & JOE a well earned reputation as the brand that best expresses today’s Parisian lifestyle. In 2002, PAUL & JOE BEAUTE, a cosmetics line that faithfully encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of ‘fun-loving sophistication’ is launched. PAUL & JOE BEAUTE features retro modern packaging that projects a unique presence. Every product possess luxurious texture and color that makes each application a pleasure for the skin. There are also limited edition, individually packaged items- ‘ Collection Sparkles’ – that are linked with that particular season’s fashion. All of these PAUL & JOE ideas originated in the rich imagination of Sophie Mechaly.
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