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Dolce Sogno - 70% Hungarian White Goose All Seasons Down Quilt (NP000FGD)

Dolce Sogno - 70% Hungarian White Goose All Seasons Down Quilt (NP000FGD)

  • Selected refined quality white goose down imported from Hungary, the duvet could adjust temperature and provide perfect warmth in cold weather by the extraordinary air storage of the down, thanks to its unique spherical triangle structure. It also can bring away the sweat released by the human body to achieve an excellent moisture absorption and breathability for a more refreshing sleeping environment. In addition, the goose is herbivore animal which do not require extra processes of decontamination and deodorization, offering you the best sleep enjoyment in green style.
  • Perfect Warmth maintain: The unique structure of Spherical Triangle fiber in Down effectively reduces the flow of cold air, also gives excellent air storage of human body heat, keeping the pleasant temperature all night long.
  • Excellent Breathability: The small triangle nodes in the down fibrils offers incomparable moisture permeability by the evaporation of excess body sweat, keeping a refreshing sleep environment all time.
  • Light and Gentle: The weight of down is only 1/3 of a regular quilt, lightness and fluffiness is 2 times of cotton or wool, offering a delightful experience of zero pressure with better blood circulation.
  • Durable for long term use: The durability of Down quilt is better than other quilts if it is maintained well. The quilt is not easy to deform and require less cleaning frequency for best performance. It is recommended to dry cleaning at most once a year only.

Size and Dimension (inch)

Single : 60"x89"

Double : 70"x89"

Queen : 80"x89"

King : 97"x89"

Casa Calvin
Established in Hong Kong in 1993, Casablanca is a leading brand of bedding products, engaged in bedding design, production, and retailing. Casablanca Group Limited (incorporated in the Cayman Islands) has been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited since 2012 (Stock Code: 2223). Headquartered in Hong Kong, Casablanca upholds the "fashion, creativity, functionality" design concept, and is dedicated to the research and promotion of healthy sleeping. The Group mainly operates three proprietary brands – Casablanca, Casa Calvin and CASA-V, aiming to deliver stylish bedding designs with Italian art style.
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