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Catalo - Extra Probiotics Intensive Formula 30 Capsules

Catalo - Extra Probiotics Intensive Formula 30 Capsules

  • Promote healthy microflora balance
  • Relieve stress-induced intestinal discomfort
  • Relieve from bloating and occasional bowel problems while traveling
  • Promote peristalsis and relieve occasional bowel discomfort
About CATALO Bringing Nature to your Health Our philosophy is simple: we believe that true health and beauty radiate from within. Putting that into action, we are committed to understanding your health needs and enhancing well-being with superior natural health foods that give your body the care, vitality and longevity it needs. What does CATALO brand stand for? CARE: As we treat your health as it were our own, we take no shortcuts with our products. We use only premium ingredients and manufacture under strict control standards to provide you with supplements of the highest quality. VITALITY: We are proud to share with you and your family all the goodness that natural has to offer in keeping you fit, happy and full of energy. LONGEVITY: We strive to support the lifelong wellness of you and your family, whatever your age and health needs may be. A strong foundation of health and longevity is the first step to leading a happy fulfilling life.
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