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Kutaniyaki Sakai Hyakkaen - 【Pre-order】- Bud Vase (Somei-Yoshino) (deliver around 3 weeks after purchase)

Kutaniyaki Sakai Hyakkaen - 【Pre-order】- Bud Vase (Somei-Yoshino) (deliver around 3 weeks after purchase)

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This is a palm-sized printed vase of Kutani ware.

A 3-leg cute vase with pale Somei-Yoshino (cherry blossom) print.

  • Dimension: H8.1 × W8.1 × D4.5cm
  • Weight: approx. 190g
  • Material: Pottery
  • It will be damaged by external impact, please dry the moisture inside the vase before store it.
  • After washing by hand, wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth to keep the luster longer.
Okushoin (since 2015) is a specialty store which has a selection of traditional crafts and artworks from Kyoto, Ishikawa and other parts of Japan. Please enjoy the works that incorporate the inherited craftsmanship of Japanese traditional techniques.
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